Article 1º That the WEEK is of six days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 

Article 2º That the MONTH is of thirty days, equivalent to five weeks of six days of which treats Article 1º.

Article 3º That the TRIMESTER is of three months which deals with the Article 2º, equivalent to fifteen weeks which it deals with the Article 1º and altogether ninety days.

Article 4º That the YEAR is of four trimesters which deals with the Article 3º equivalent to twelve months which it deals with the Article 2º, to sixty weeks which it deals with the Article 1º and altogether to three hundred sixty days. The five days that lack to complete the geodesic year, or six in the leap year years, will treat in the Article 5º.

Article 5º That the five or six days leftover of which it treats the Article 4º THURSDAYS are denominated and they are distributed thus: One put in front to the month of January, the four rest when finalizing each one of the trimesters and sixth, in leap years, put in front to the month of Julio.

Article That Thursdays which it deals with the Article 5º they are not labor.The work in official and deprived organizations is excepted dedicated to hospital services, communicative, of compatible monitoring and social security, hotel profession, tourism, recreation and; also in special jobs like in high self-moving furnaces, attention of and those that require attention continued according to governmental regulation; all which will not suspend workings in any occasion.

Article 8º That the daily day of work is of eight hours, cannot increase, but diminish according to official regulation.

Article 9º That the weekly work is of four days labor by two of rest; it is equivalent to thirty and two hours weekly according to articles 1º and 8º or in cases less regulated officially.

Article 11. That the worker has two weeks, which deals with Article 1º, of vacations by every fulfilled year of work; that they are not accumulated and they take the following year immediately to being caused, thus: when finalizing anyone of the trimesters the first and when beginning following one second. And those of the educational ones they are two weeks quarterly and the weeks first and last one are taken in from all the trimesters which it deals with Article 3º.

Article 13.That if by supervisory order the worker toils to the day more than eight hours which he deals with the Article 9º the extra time is paid to him with the double of the normal value; and five or six days consecutive: by the fifth day it yields double wage and by the sixth triple wage.